Why choose RTITB?

The main purpose of RTITB is really simple: RTITB exist to reduce heavy costs and save many lives in your workplace.
RTITB are a cross-sector, global organisation that develops and applies high training standards to change your driver and operator’s behaviour whilst making measurable improvements to efficiency, risk and safety in your workplace. RTITB do this to help you respond proportionally to risk while still keeping your workforce safe.

Their vision is to create a global family of committed partners using workplace transport training standards which place efficiency, people and maximum safety at their heart.


  • Absolute Dedication – all of the RTITB services are developed and delivered by a team absolutely dedicated to the common goal of keeping every person in your transport operations alive.
  • Total Assurance – we are the only body able to provide absolute assurance for the full range of your workplace transport equipment and training
  • Challenge and Measure – RTITB make measurable improvements and their holistic approach ensures they will deliver a start to finish tailored solution for your business and they will not give up until they have helped you achieve your goal
  • Integrity and Personality – RTITB customers are their partners and extended family members, they will always communicate with integrity, honesty, professionalism and personality.

RTITB Accreditations

RTITB Accreditation and courses are available for the following types of equipment from Luft Training Services:

  • Counterbalance lift truck
  • Reach truck
  • Electric pedestrian operated pallet/transporter/stacker/truck
  • Rough terrain masted truck
  • Rough terrain telescopic handler
  • Industrial telescopic handler
  • Pivot steer truck
  • Vehicle mounted lift truck
  • Multi-directional lift truck
  • Very narrow aisle (VNA) lift truck
  • Order picker
  • Sideloader
  • Mobile elevated work platforms
  • Hydraulic lorry loader crane
  • Lift truck safety awareness for managers and supervisors

What would be the benefits to me of working with RTITB?

Improved Efficiency

  • Operators are trained to be accurate and to get the job right first time, reducing the need for task repetition.
  • You should see a reduction in incidents resulting in lost working time.
  • Improvements in teamwork as operators and other staff gain confidence in their peers.
  • Reductions in staff turnover due to operators feeling valued through investment in training and improved communication between management and operators.
  • An improvement in workplace attitudes amongst operators as their sense of responsibility grows.
  • Improvements in equipment power usage through more efficient usage of hydraulic and steering controls.
  • All RTITB trained counterbalance operators are eligible to enter the RTITB Operator of the Year competition. Companies use this to motivate their operators to be more accurate, efficient, safe and productive in their day-to-day work through recognition of their skills.

Reduced Risk

  • Reduction in accidents and incidents.
  • In the event of an investigation you have independently verified evidence of training delivered to the required standard.
  • Operators have a better understanding of how and why things go wrong and, as a consequence, are more likely to operate correctly.

Increased Margins

  • Less pallet damage
  • Less racking damage
  • Less lift truck damage
  • Less product wastage
  • Less infrastructure damage
  • Reduced insurance premiums

All RTITB training is verified via the National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS) as having met the required standard before registration is completed and a unique NORS number is released. That means that all registered operators and their employers have peace of mind in the training that is delivered.

Not sure which course fits your personal or business needs?